Professional's Choice VenTECH Elite Unicorn Print Horse Boots Value 4-Pack


Colour: Purple
Sale price$214.95


Made with new VenTECH technology, these lightweight boots feature a breathable neoprene lining that prevents overheating of the leg muscles by allowing heat and moisture to escape. The VenTECH Elite Sports Medicine Boots also features a newly contoured cut that conforms to the horse's leg, providing an enhanced fit that locks dirt out.

Studies have shown that horses wearing supportive boots on their front legs exhibit increase comfort by shifting a greater precentage of weight onto their forelimbs. As a result, many conscientious horse owners choose to boot all four of their horse's legs to allow their horse to maintain normal weight distribution and receive optimum protection. Professionsl's Choice offers savings on a Value 4-Pack of VenTECH Elites, which includes a full set of front and rear boots.