Bits & Straps

Korsteel Oval Link Loose Ring Snaffle Bit
Select Stainless Steel Bit with Copper Inlay
Colorado Saddlery Bit with Copper Roller Cricket
Weaver Harness Leather Double Flat Link Chain Curb Strap
Colorado Saddlery Loose Cheek Bit with Copper Roller
Professional's Choice Double Chain Curb Strap
Alamo Saddlery Latigo Double Chain Curb
Wildfire Saddlery Harness Leather Curb Strap
Weaver 3 .5" Miniature Snaffle Mouth Bit
Professional's Choice Single Link Curb Strap
Professional’s Choice Feather Shank Lifesaver Bit
Professional’s Choice Swept Back Double Bar Spoon Bit
Professional’s Choice Feather Shank Correction Bit
Weaver Basin Cowboy Single Flat Link Chain Curb Strap
Colorado Saddlery Chrome Quarter Horse Bit
Colorado Saddlery Black Steel Snaffle Bit
Weaver Working Cowboy Straight Curb Strap
Professional's Choice Training Snaffle Wire Bit

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