Fieldsheer Apparel Men's Backcountry Heated Jacket


Colour: Black
Sale price$269.95


The Mobile Warming Backcountry Heated Jacket from Fieldsheer is an excellent everyday jacket with the added bonus of integrated micro coil heating panels, providing hours of added warmth on the coldest winter days. We start with Primaloft eco-friendly synthetic down insulation, made from recycled materials, providing superior warmth and compression. Powered by a slim 7.4volt Powersheer Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, the Backcountry provides up to 135°F of heat, or adjust between 4 temperature settings, for up to 10 hours of heat, using the Integrated Touch Control Button, or your cell phone, with it's built-in Bluetooth and the MW Connect app. The Backcountry, a perfect combination of style and technology, great for every day use, or those long trips to the back country.