Back On Track GT Western Rope Cinch


Colour: Black
Sale price$109.95


The Gentle Touch 'Rope' Cinch acts like a second skin, conforming comfortably to your horse. Our exclusive Welltex material aids in circulation without inhibiting performance. The anatomical shape equalizes pressure for your horse's comfort and allows for an all-way, non-slip, stretch. Ideal for horses who are cinchy, and loved by colts. The performance horse also benefits from the comfort, recovery and performance of our Welltex technology. The liner has a soft gel-layer to relieve pressure on the sternum and for additional comfort. Ideal for sensitive horses, suitable for all horses. Hook and loop attachment, for easy removal and cleaning. The cinch has a stainless steel roller buckle, keepers to collect the straps from the saddle. Two smaller D rings for attaching other equipment to.