Boot Fitting Guide

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying on cowboy boots.

You may need to size down. Cowboy boots tend to fit larger than regular shoes and sandals, so you may need to go down a half size and in some cases one full size. A lot will depend on how you use the boot and how tight you require them to be for the sake of both utility and comfort.

Socks are important.  Make sure you are wearing boot socks, or the same socks you plan to wear regularly. Socks, even thin ones, can add up to half a size to your feet.

Your feet are (probably) different sizes. Make sure you always try on both boots, and fit to the larger foot, even if it means going up in size. You can always add an insole or thicker socks to the smaller foot!

These are just guidelines. Everyone’s feet and needs are different. Always choose what feels most comfortable to you!

Trying It On


Of course, this is only possible in person rather than online. Luckily, we have many Lammle's locations to serve you if you prefer. Start by sitting down—new boots should be quite snug and will be easier to pull on if you’re sitting

Put the boot in front of you, keeping the heel on the ground. Put your foot in the shaft, and using your body weight, push your foot down and into the foot of the boot, while pulling up on the boot with the pull tabs/holes. You should hear a ‘thump’ as your foot slides in!

Once both boots are fully on, take a short walk on a smooth surface and evaluate the fit.

The Perfect Fit

The instep/vamp: should be snug, but not uncomfortably tight. Adjust to a wider or narrower fit if the instep feels too tight or too loose, respectively. Ideally, the boot will fit snugger over the top of your foot than a regular pair of shoes will. As you wear the boots, the leather will soften and form to your foot.

The Ball: This is where your foot (and the boot), will bend, and it should be at the widest point of the boot. If the ball of your foot is too far forward, your toes will be uncomfortably pushed into the toe box. Your foot should comfortably follow the arch of the boot.

The Heel: This is the only part of the boot that should not feel snug. Your heel should slip roughly ¼”- ½”. If your heel doesn’t move at all, the boots may be too snug and will not be comfortable in the long run. As you wear your boots, the leather will soften and heel slippage will decrease. The more you wear your boots, the more comfortable they will be!

The Toe Box: Your toes should be able to move reasonably freely within the boot. This area of the boot will not stretch, so it’s important your toes are comfortable immediately. If your toes feel crowded, try sizing up.

The Width: Cowboy boots use a lettering system to denote various widths.

Ladies: "B" is average, while "C" is wide, and "A" is narrow. Ladies boots are most commonly available in "B" width.

Men’s: "D" or "M" is average, while "EE" is wide, and "B" is narrow. Mens boots are most commonly available in "EE" width.

Not all boots will be available in every width. If a boot isn’t available in your regular width, you may need to size up or down a half size to accommodate for this.

Please note that these are standard recommendations and ideal fits for advisory purposes only. If possible, we recommend a personalized boot fitting session. Please visit one of our locations for more information about this service.