Sharing Chuckwagon Stories With After The Ninth Podcast

Sharing Chuckwagon Stories With After The Ninth Podcast

Photo: Dayton Sutherland, Kass Patterson, Horses: Forest (a leader), Hemmi (a wheeler)

Lammle’s Western Wear is proud to partner with After the Ninth & Women of the Wagons podcasts hosted by Kass Patterson and chuckwagon driver Dayton Sutherland. Together the team gives listeners an in-depth look at the world of chuckwagon racing by offering a platform for chuckwagon drivers and the industry to share their in-depth stories and experiences. Lammle’s will be supporting the team with developing new content, building community relations and helping share their stories across our social media platforms.

Kass is a local Calgarian who developed her love for chuckwagons at an early age. After obtaining a diploma in broadcasting communications and doing some local reporting, she saw the opportunity with her friend Dayton to help tell the other side of chuckwagon racing. Dayton is a third generation Chuckwagon Driver who has spent his whole life surrounded by the excitement of this incredible event. Dayton is the grandson to Kelly Sutherland and son to Mark Sutherland, and he continues on the family legacy while making a name for himself on the World Professional Chuckwagon Association Tour.

Since 1983, Lammle’s has been a proud advocate of the western heritage and chuckwagon racing. “Chuckwagon racing is something that we have a deep relationship with in the west, says Barry Lammle, “we are proud supporters of the chuckwagon industry, it’s drivers and the ag communities. After the Ninth is an enjoyable experience that tells untold stories of the sport.”

“This is exciting for us”, says Kass, After the Ninth, “the podcast started out as an idea to help bring awareness to not only the sport but to the stories of the people and equine athletes involved. We didn’t know where the possibilities could take us. Lammle’s has always been a big supporter of the sport and we’re pleased to have them on board to help build content and further share these stories to their followers.”

After the Ninth can be streamed on all major platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify and online at