Welcoming Country 105 Hosts Gregg & Josie To The Team

Welcoming Country 105 Hosts Gregg & Josie To The Team

Photo: Jessica Schaaf, Gregg Reynolds, Josie Balka, Geoff Roy

Lammle’s Western Wear is excited to announce our partnership with Country 105’s Morning Show duo Gregg and Josie! Not only will these two enjoy the latest styles from Lammle’s, together we are going to have fun engaging the community on social media, at major events and on the morning show. We’re looking forward to this adventure together and to see how they live their own west.

The partnership with Calgary’s radio station Country 105 goes back generations. In 1983, we opened the first three Lammle’s Western Wear & Tack stores in our hometown of Calgary, Alberta. “When I think back to that time” says Barry Lammle, President & CEO “you had newspapers and radio to get your word out. We relied on the talent at Country 105 over the years to help craft our message for those looking for a western retail brand that provides better service, selection, and quality. We went back and forth on many ideas for the name of the business. Ultimately we ended back on the family name, L-A-DOUBLE-M-L-E-S. Next thing you knew, the slogan made its way on to the radio as a jingle and continues to resonate with everyone today. I’m excited to see where we are going with this next step in partnering with Country 105 and their morning talent. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together with current and future customers."

“We’re excited to partner with Lammle’s, they’re such an iconic family business in Calgary" says Gregg & Josie. “It’s going to be fun to try the latest styles and take them with us on our adventures.”

The love for country music and western wear just go hand in hand. Catch Gregg & Josie in the morning on Country 105, weekdays from 6am-10am. They’ll be your pals in the morning to help you share some laughs and score great prizes.

Let’s have some fun Calgary! L-A-DOUBLE-M-L-E-S