Our Story

Message from our President/CEO

Thank you for being a valued Lammle's customer. When we started Lammle's Western Wear & Tack back in 1983, we could never have anticipated our service and products would resonate quite so deeply with Canadians. But that's exactly what happened, and now we sit almost two dozen brick-and-mortar stores strong across much of Western Canada - open and ready to take care of your western needs.

To serve you even better, in 2019 we also leapt into eCommerce with both feet, and doing so has allowed us to service Canadians outside our typical stores' reach, as well as introduce international customers to our unique brand. We remain family owned and operated, and promise to stay committed to delivering a best-in-class experience - now and in the future.


Barry Lammle

Our Mission


We're Home Grown and Family-Focused

Our story officially began in 1983, when Barry Lammle and his brother saw an opportunity in the retail market - which lead them to open the first 3 stores in their hometown of Calgary, AB. The mission was simple: to address the real needs of everyday Albertans - those looking for a Western retail brand that provides better service, selection and convenience.

At that time, the family’s focus was split between retail and ranching, which put us in an ideal position to learn firsthand what our future customers valued. As a result, we spent the next 35 years creating a lifestyle brand experience that people from all walks of life find to be attractive and trustworthy.

Just like back home at the Lammle Ranch, where Marie Lammle set a hard-working example for her family (who in turn would contribute in whatever way they could) our company was built on the strength that comes from welcoming feedback and insight from everyone. It’s this approach to treating everyone with the same high level of respect and hospitality that makes Lammle’s a great place to work and shop.

Today, close to four decades later, the Lammle’s brand is looking forward to a bright future as the next generation of the family begins to take the reins. Most recently, Barry’s eldest son, a family man whose country lifestyle continues to keep him at the forefront of his customer’s needs, is growing in senior responsibilities as we continue to find new ways to keep the Lammle’s Experience relevant and focused.

We know what Western Canadians want. Not only because we’ve lived and worked here all our lives, but because we listen to our customers and adjust our offering according to their needs. We take pride in the fact that those who rely on us as their western clothing supplier are the same families, friends and neighbors we’ve stood beside through decades of good times and hard times alike — and our dedicated employees in our many stores across three provinces wouldn’t dream of offering them anything but our very best.

True, the way people shop is evolving and the styles will always change, but what people value— service, strength and dependability can still be found at Lammle’s. We will always continue to offer that trustworthy, right-fit relationship where a handshake can say it all, and a commitment to ‘good old fashioned’ western values dictates everything we do.

So, whether you visit us online or in-store, know that we are always looking forward to the opportunity to treat you to the Lammle’s Experience and help you to Live your Own West.

Oh, and in case you were wondering - it's pronounced Lam-lee's. So often, we get "Lammels", "Lamles", "Lamless" or "Lamilles". That's all fine and good though - we look forward to serving you regardless of what you choose to call us!

Community Involvement

Serving our customers is more than just providing the Lammle’s Experience to everyone who comes through our doors. We also endeavor to ensure that the spirit of our lifestyle thrives in the communities we operate in. Do you have an opportunity you think we may be interested in? Let us know!

Proudly Canadian

Lammle’s Western Wear is proudly owned and operated in Calgary, Alberta.
We are honored to be a part of a city that embraces the western lifestyle and embodies our own hardworking and down to earth values.