Tony Lama Men's Rattlesnake Exotic Cowboy Boots


Colour: Brown/Beige
Sale price$499.95


If you like to sport a wilder side of life, you just can't get any more wild than the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake boots from Tony Lama. To some boot connoisseurs,  rattler boots are "the" exotic Tony Lama boots. Smaller scales than the Python snakeskins, Tony Lama Diamondback rattlesnake boots feel as soft as butter is smooth on your feet. Easily conditioned for years of enjoyment. This exotic Western boot style has the best exotic dress leathers wrapped around the top & sides of your feet, with a comfort function unsurpassed by most hand-crafted dress Western boots. Tony Lama Exotic boots are actually, an exotic skin wrapped around a handcrafted leather boot. This gives you the support and strength of the best glove leather boots, with an almost glamorous, appeal!


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