Ariat Cowboy Boots Made For Winter

Ariat Cowboy Boots Made For Winter

We sat down with Brad Karl (@bekayshow) to see how the Ariat Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western Boot performed in the snow on the Calgary Stampede OH Ranch.

Calgary Stamped OH Ranch

Describe what draws you to Ariat boots.

I’ve been an Ariat cowboy boot fan for a while now, the comfort is everything to me, I’ve been through many different brands but every time I slide my foot in a pair of Ariats it’s hard to take them off. They are also made well; I’ve never had any issues.

What’s your day-to-day look like?

Each day on the ranch is a little different. With these freezing winter temperatures, we are having a tough time keeping the water flowing at all times. There’s some time spent each day making sure everything is warm and running smooth. Feeding at the ranch is vital, we try and get a few round bales dropped in the feeding pen every few days. Right now, we tend to feed often just to help manage grass until spring. After all the barn chores and checking for maintenance issues, I try to get on a few horses during the day that need the time. It’s usually horses that we need to stay in shape and a few of our young ones that we spent the summer training up. 

What did you think of the Ariat Hybrid Rancher Waterproof Western Boots?

I didn’t know exactly what to expect. They look similar to other Ariat boots, which I liked. Once I got them on and took my first step in the snow, I knew these were something I needed. It’s been -35°C here west of Longview for the past week, and this is the FIRST time my feet have been dry and warm when coming in the house after a long day. 

Ariat Hybrid Rancher Cowboy Boot

How do the Ariat Hybrid Rancher boots fit?

They fit great and true to size. They are insulated, so they’re more comfortable than your everyday Ariat boot, which says A LOT in my mind. 

Would you approve these boots for winter in Canada?

Absolutely, every rancher needs a pair of these boots. These are the ONLY cowboy boots that have kept my socks dry all day! When your feet are dry and warm there’s not a lot that can slow you down. From now though the end of winter, my old boots will be on the shelf. 

What’s next for you this season?

I look forward to seeing what these boots are capable of. In the coming months, I have A LOT planned and a lot of miles to put on. For fun, I’ll load up 2-3 horses and meet up with a bunch of locals and friends and do some conditioning work, or even some Skijoring. I look forward to continuing to have dry and warm feet in these Ariat Hybrid Rancher Boots.

Ariat Winter Cowboy Boots

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