Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Women in Agriculture and Western Industries

Celebrating International Women's Day: Empowering Women in Agriculture and Western Industries

In light of International Women's Day (IWD) we’d like to shine a spotlight on the incredible contributions of women in the agriculture and western industries. From the vast fields of golden wheat to the rugged terrain of the ranch, women are breaking barriers, shattering stereotypes, and leading the way towards a more inclusive and empowered future. Their presence is not just felt, but celebrated. Gone are the days when farming was considered solely a man's job; today, women are at the forefront of innovation, sustainability, and success.

One of the most inspiring aspects of IWD in the agriculture industry is the spirit of collaboration and support among women. Whether it's through networking events, mentorship programs, or online communities, women in agriculture are coming together to share knowledge, exchange ideas, and uplift each other. It's a testament to the strength of sisterhood and the power of unity in driving positive change.

In the world of western industries, women are also making their mark in ways that defy expectations. From barrel racing to breakaway roping, from horse training to ladies bronc riding, women are proving that they are every bit as skilled, fearless, and determined as their male counterparts. Their passion for the western way of life knows no bounds, and their achievements serve as inspiration for generations to come.

Take for example, Katy Lucas, a prominent figure in the world of western sports. You might know her from her reign as Miss Rodeo Canada (2015), but her title of 2014 Team Roping Canada Champion is just as impressive. Nowadays Katy can be seen on the big screen, connecting with audiences through her grace, poise, and love for the equestrian world. With her deep understanding of rodeo culture and her keen eye for detail, she brings a unique perspective to her reporting, captivating audiences with her insightful commentary and infectious passion for the sport. Through her work, Lucas continues to inspire and celebrate the rich tradition of rodeo while shining a spotlight on the remarkable athletes who dedicate their lives to this timeless pursuit.

We feel part of what makes celebrating IWD in the agriculture and western industries so special is the recognition of the diverse roles that women play. They are not just farmers or ranchers; they are entrepreneurs, educators, advocates, and so much more. Women are at the forefront of preserving and advocating for the western way of life. They are the driving force behind sustainable practices, the champions of animal welfare, and the guardians of rural communities.

Our own local girl, Carly Christianson stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication in the realm of horse training, proudly representing Alberta, Canada. Carly grew up riding cutting horses. Her father, Loren Christianson is a well known and highly acclaimed cutting horse trainer. Among Loren’s achievements includes being inducted into the Canadian Supreme Hall of Fame in 2017 as well as a lifetime NCHA earnings of over $600,000. With a profound love for horses and the wealth of a lifetime experience, Carly has now become a trusted figure in the equestrian community. Venturing into training her own barrel horses in 2018, Carly has already accrued over $138,000 in barrel racing earnings. Her commitment to understanding each horse's unique needs, coupled with her patient and insightful approach to horse training, sets her apart as a remarkable up and coming female trainer! Whether she's starting young horses or refining the skills of her seasoned competitors, Carly's methods prioritize the well-being and development of her equine partners. Her passion for horsemanship shines through in every run, earning her respect and admiration both in and out of the arena.

So, here's to the women who till the soil and tend the herds, who ride the range and chase their dreams, and barrels. Happy International Women's Day to all the trailblazers, the pioneers, and the unsung heroes who make the agriculture and western industries thrive. May your passion continue to inspire us, your achievements continue to amaze us, and your legacy continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Cheers to you, ladies – you are truly the heartbeat of the land and the soul of the west!

Happy International Women’s Day from all of us at Lammle’s Western Wear!